When your mind matches your destiny, Anything is possible.

~Arthur Mitchell


About Art Mitch

At the age of 6, ArtMitch was diagnosed with an eye disease called Keratoconus. Keratoconus is an eye disease that presses on your pupil causing blurriness to your vision. When most children's only concern at that age was playing, he was trying to make sure he could see the world as normal. Growing up with this disease was not an easy task. Art Mitch dealt with being bullied because nobody knew of this disease that he was dealing with. As the years passed he was introduced to a procedure that could possibly help his vision called Corneal Transplants. Art Mitch had 7 eye surgeries to correct his vision. 



Anthony Herdegen

I would just like to say that this man has helped me thru a lot he is one of the best guys I'll probably ever know and I can't say thank you enough it may not seem like it but those talks help a lot and I'm so appreciative of it so thank you and thank yourself you really pulled thru!


Melanie Mason

I have had several cornea transplants which in tells helps to keep the disease from progressing (doesn't necessarily fixes the problem) For months I have watched Arthur push through his pain for the Assignment. You didn't let the "lack of vision" keep you from God's Vision.


Jawanda Jackson

Arthur is an experienced entrepreneur that is familiar with the transition to working for yourself. He helped me think through ways I could generate an income outside of full-time employment that would allow me to focus on my dreams. He can definitely help you get more clarity on your why, your purpose, and your future.