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Underdog mentorship Program

Coaching and mentorship Program

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The Program Includes:


  1. Group Strategy Sessions

  2. Daily Encouragements Videos

  3. Email Access

  4. Live Q and A

  5. Copy of Book and Journal

  6. Welcome 2 the Jungle Assessment training for teachers Teachers

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About Mr. I AM

Arthur Mitchell is a Servant of God, Husband, Father, Special Education Specialist, Youth Advocate, and Author.


At the age of 6, ArtMitch was diagnosed with an eye disease called Keratoconus. Keratoconus is an eye disease that presses on your pupil causing blurriness to your

vision. When most children's only concern at that age was playing, he was trying to make sure he could see the world as normal. Growing up with this disease was not an easy task. Art Mitch dealt with being bullied because nobody knew of this disease that he was dealing with. As the years passed, he was introduced to a procedure that could possibly help his vision called Corneal Transplants. Art Mitch had 7 eye surgeries to correct his



Art took his pain and turned it into purpose. For nearly a decade Art's passion for working with the youth increased tremendously. He has worked with various organizations helping give youth direction and support as they accomplished their goals.


Art's greatest accomplishments are being a husband to his beautiful wife and father to their 3 beautiful children, which is the acronym to his company ZAJ Inspirations. His motto is family first which he implements in all he does.


Art created the I AM brand to provide support and coping strategies for children and young adults who are being bullied because of their disabilities and to decrease the pipeline of young black males from school to prison. He accomplishes this by inspiring hope for a brighter future and instilling confidence in one's self. Art understands the strategies that empowered him to overcome his own disabilities have allowed him to become the father, husband, and entrepreneur he is today.

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